Freeze-dried pets

  Freeze-dried pets are pet snacks that use meat as the main raw material and are made by freeze-drying technology. Freeze-drying, as the name suggests, is to freeze the raw materials at a low temperature to freeze the water inside into ice, and then put them in a vacuum-tight container to heat, so that the ice is directly sublimated into water vapor, and more than 92% of the water is discharged to ensure the safety of the raw materials as much as possible. The nutrients are not destroyed, making it easier to store, and on the one hand, it also enriches the taste.

Freeze-dried pets

  So here comes the question, some people may ask, if the meat raw materials are to be sterilized and dried, can they be baked directly? Why make it so complicated? In fact, although roasting can also sterilize meat and make it crispy and delicious, in terms of nutrient retention, it is not a bit worse than freeze-drying.

  At present, there are three main types of pet freeze-drying on the market, namely raw cut freeze-drying, raw flesh freeze-drying, and mixed freeze-drying. Next, let’s talk about what these three kinds of freeze-drying are~

  1. Raw cut and freeze-dried: Chicken, duck, quail and other meats are used as raw materials, diced and then freeze-dried or directly freeze-dried (generally small breasts of chickens, more quails), and the palatability is better.

  2. Freeze-drying of raw meat: mainly meat raw materials, supplemented by viscera and animal bones, and mixed with various nutrients before freeze-drying. Generally, the common shapes are strips and cakes. The biggest advantage is that it can meet the nutrients needed by cats and dogs in daily life, and can be directly fed as a staple food.

  3. Mixed freeze-drying: add fruit and vegetable ingredients on the basis of meat raw materials, use the vitamins and dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables to promote the growth and development of pets, and can be fed as snacks.

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